Sadel family

Sadel Family

Bordeaux, Vacqueyras and Saint Emilion are the symbolic names of oenology and this wine world, which refer to SADEL family , the producer and trader of these famous wines.
To understand the origins of SADEL Family, you need to take the direction of the famous commune of Saint-Emilion, where the first cellar was installed or get to know Alexandre SADEL , company’s president and creator. Passionate about terroir, viticulture and wine, Alexandre Sadel is also open to the world. Fervent support of sports initiatives and benefactor of artists, Alexander Sadel brings back from his journeys a better knowledge of expectations and preferences of consumers of all the regions of the world.   In Vacqueyras and Saint Emilion, the company can meet these new expectations. From the cultivation of the vines to the aging of the wines, through the selection of grape varieties or the work of the soil, Famille SADEL, producer and merchant, reconciles this art of viticulture with an increasingly demanding age.


Sadel family: know-how at the service of a quality wine

At SADEL Family, we believe in the art and skills transmitted through generations of winegrowers. These are all knowledge derived directly from the experience and refinement of the employees, from whom we wish to be inspired. That is why we chose our estate in the vineyards of Montagne-Saint-Emilion, in the Bordeaux region, surrounded by large castles. The know-how of our house is headed by three fundamental principles guaranteeing the exceptional quality of our wines. First, we select each plot and each grape variety. Then, our Cellar Manager collaborates for each cuvée at the birth of a new masterpiece, the assembly of which guarantees the complexity. Finally, each vintage is vinified, then elevated with patience and compassion.

Each wine is born from a unique terroir

Each wine has its own individuality, each plot has a very specific identity, and the role of our oenologist, Eugenia German, is to make it speak. In order to select the best plots, each year one has to have eyes riveted to the sky. Indeed, the best vintages are born in particularly ideal climatic conditions. They are the ones who will make the quality of the grapes, for a perfect balance between the alcoholic maturity and the phenolic maturity of the grains. To maintain the same quality of production over the years, the knowledge of each of our plots and how they have evolved during the year is important. It allows us to make perfectly balanced assemblies, so that every production is exceptional.

A precise knowledge of the soils and climates of each terroir is therefore necessary to the realization of a wine. The choice of the grape also plays a crucial role : it is selected according to the climate zone of maturity where it will be planted.

The wine of the year depends on the quality of the final creation. Within the same terroir, each plot may have reacted differently to the past seasons. A hill more or less inclined or sheltered from the wind, a stronger rain on one side or the other of the road, and the magic formula of our wine is changed. The grandeur of a vintage is sometimes played out on these minute details which are not escaped in the eyes of the best oenologists.

At the very moment expected of the harvest, the characters of the unborn wine begin to appear. The harvest takes place with an attentive look, and each grain is selected for its quality.

The assembly: a virtuosic work

It is precisely due to this thorough knowledge of each of the grape varieties, each plot of our wines and the history of our different terroirs to the deepest of their soils, that assembly can take place. When the Chef de Cave assembles a great wine, imagine his work as the creation of the most refined perfumes. The aim is to harmonize different flavours, to ensure that the flavours resonate with each other and come to create a unique final flavour, endowed with absolutely remarkable aromas.

It takes many years of experience to know how to balance a wine, to create a more complex flavour in the mouth, thanks to the ideally complementary vines. There is a search for the absolute, almost impossible to reach and which one believes to touch, when a wonderful vintage is born.

The strength of our oenologist is her imagination: she must be able to glimpse the future cuvée, only with knowledge of the various grapes that will compose it. The aromas exchange until they reach the perfect balance. For this reason, it is indeed a true creation. Like the painter who adds touches of colour to her canvas with a hand assured, Eugenia German knows perfectly the wine traditions of the old continent. The blending sometimes takes place at the heart of a single grape variety, between its different varieties. The proportions must then be reflected very precisely, aided by an excellent knowledge of each cuvée. The nuances are even more subtle when the blend brings together wines that have been husbanded separately, for a final result, that is definitely richer.

Patience and sharing as a course of action

Vinification is a stage of production where patience is a queen. The work does not stop in the vat, it is far from it! The wort ferments slowly, under the compassionate eye of the oenologist who watches the creation of a wine, guesses the features of the new vintage. Tradition plays a big part here. It has a secret know-how between its lines, which gives the rise to all the great French wines. Then the breeding of the wine can start. It is in the hollow of the barrels that each cuvée begins to reveal its personality and the extent of its aromatic range. For the oenologist, true conductor, the challenge is to reveal all the subtleness and flavour of fruits. But perfection requires more patience! After last tastings, the wine can finally be bottled. If it is a wine of guard, it may need entire years to reveal the true background of its soul

SADEL Family believes in shared knowledge and the common work of all wine lovers. Thus, we do not hesitate to collaborate with winegrowers from other regions, in order to obtain exceptional wines. Our négoce wines follow one single criteria on which we are inflexible to remain faithful to the identity of our House: smoothness and delicacy. Here are two qualities of our wines that you will find at the opening of each of our bottles. Do not hesitate to come and taste our wines to get to know them better. Willing to get closer to our customers and to share with them, we organize tastings, both in France and abroad. In our Parisian wine shop, our oenologist will be delighted to give you a tasting course, if you want to know more about wine. You will finally know how to mobilize your senses and discover all the richness of the aromas of our best wines.